ML117: Rubinskee

Metamine Lab features a new and exclusive DJ set of introspective electronic music by Konfort's own RUBINSKEE


Thank you to everybody who was there to enjoy Sr. mandril's presentation at El Imperial this friday! Keep on groovin'


Check Sr. Mandril's latest video from his critically acclaimed "Cinema Mandril" album: Ringing and Ringing. Let the funk be with y'all!


Listen to the excellent funky house set Rubinskee played for our friends at The Room this September the 6th on Mixcloud.


Sr. Mandril keeps reaching farther and farther into the world. This time, the groovy Mexican combo is playing on the Kansas City’s 18th & Vine Jazz and Blues FestivalBettye LaVette and Con Funk Shun. Be sure not to miss them at 7:00 pm on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Gem theatre. The Kansas City's 18th & Vine Jazz and Blues Festival (formerly Rhythm & Ribs) will take place on Saturday, October 12. This year, 7,000 to 10,000 people are expected to attend. The events begin at 11 a.m. Oct. 12 and will last until midnight. Tickets are on sale now and start at $10. They can be purchased by going to or by calling 816-474-6262.



Variant Feat. Liane Land - Necrosis (Luis CzG & Satoshi Otsuki Remix)

It had been a long time –– too long! –– since we last heard from beatmaster Luiz cZg (Monoploid, Dogs Blood Order, Barely Legal,, but now he is back with a new collaboration and remix, directly from his adopted home in Tokyo. And he promises the new productions will keep coming!


Citric Mvsic presents: CITRICPODCAST 016 by Rubinskee on Mixcloud


Androide lanza su nuevo EP titulado "Soft Monster"

Soft Monster Cover

Androide regresa con su 4to material Soft Monster. Con una concepción basada de nuevo en beats electrónicos, se desprenden 6 temas diseñados para despertar al monstruo que llevamos dentro del cual siempre emana un lado suave. El disco trata de llevar a los escuchas a un lugar donde los beats son emancipados por las guitarras acústicas.

El disco empieza con Atom Love, el cual es el primer sencillo y video del disco. Es básicamente el soundtrack de un viaje en escaleras eléctricas en Shanghái. Silent Roar, trata de emular ese rugido de una suave guitarra tratando de callar unos ruidosos beats para luego llegar a la tranquilidad de la playa con Waikiki. Cambia el ritmo para acompañar las voces etéreas de In my Eye para después correr por un Beech Forest a las afueras de Viena. Al final del día se terminan uniendo palabras para ver si significan algo en Random Words. Androide entrega este nuevo material sin pretensiones, así que sigue la siguiente secuencia por favor: Play – Smile – Repeat.


Androide returns with its 4th album, Soft Monster. Relying heavily on beats, they deliver 6 new songs designed to wake up your internal monster, which in time will show its soft side. The album intents taking the listener to a place where the beats are emancipated from the acoustical sounds.

The album starts with Atom Love, which is the first single and video. The song is basically the soundtrack of traveling in an elevator in Shanghai. Silent Roar emulates the rumble of a soft guitar trying to quiet down intrusive beats which eventually ends up in a quiet beach in Waikiki. Rhythm changes to accompany the ethereal voices of In my Eye and gradually becomes a walk in a Beech Forest in the outskirts of Vienna. At the end of the day everything will come together hoping that Random Words have any meaning. Androide delivers this new material without any pretentiousness, anticipating you follow the next sequence: Play – Smile – Repeat.

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