Project Members: Jorge Martínez Islas



Self-taught musician sine he was 9, Jorge Martínez Islas aka DJ Bluevet studied Iberoamerican Literature at the National University of Mexico. Professional DJ since 2009, he has become a fixture in the national underground scene, performing mostly at private parties and after-hours clubs. House Music is his style of choice, and a pair of turntables are his main weapons and tools. Thanks to his broad taste in music, he peppers his compositions with a broad range of textures and cadences. For two years, he performed as technical advisor to Numark, México. He currently resides in the Mayan Rivera, where he produces music as part of Konfort Records' artistic collective. His feel good music incorporates elements from classic Detroit and Plastic City house music, a dash of European progressive house and the ethereal sounds from current tech-house. His live and DJ sets are an accurate reflection of life on the beach.


Bluevet. Rest Vita Est, 2010