Project Members: Javier Urzua, Vincent Velasco

This electronic music project was set up of necessity to express the current zeitgeist through sound. Hermetic Sound arises from the idea exchange related to a same project, the music joy experimenting with beats from the Ambient al Inteligent Techno and House to the Drum&Bass, like stylistic lines and recovering retro 70’s and 80’s sounds. The name "Hermetic Sound" retakes the sound contained in a seashell, a perfect nature designed structure. The release of this sound is produced at the time we put our ear on. Likewise the creative process has an isolation and hermetic moment after which the ideas and visions of each one of the members are released.


V/A. Maximas Texturas 002, 2001
Maximas Texturas 008, 2002
Maximas Texturas 010, 2004
The Now Sound of Mexico, 2004
Hermetic Sound.
Melody Scenes, 2007