Proyect Member: Axel Barcelo

Some may call it ‘Hip Hop’, but the label may only be appropriate in some alternative universe ghetto from outer space. Yes, there are breaks and funky basslines, but everything else comes from unexpected sources, …mostly form his 3000+ record collection, amassed through decades of crate diggin’ all over the world. From obscure disco vinyl singles to educational records, the cultural detritus of humankind gets a second lease on life through DRXL’s sampler.

“… For the expert and demanding ears club” (DJ Loop)


V/A. Maximas Texturas 006, 2002
V/A. Maximas Texturas 008, 2002
V/A. Maximas Texturas 010, 2004
DRXL. Cálculo Lambda, 2004
DRXL. Izkierda, 2008
Sr. Mandril. Gemelo
, 2010
iJap + drxl. EP1. 2015
iJap + drxl. EP2. 2016

V/A. Bloomington Electronic Music Coalition Vol. 1, Izod, US, 1998.
V/A. Bloomington Electronic Music Coalition Vol. 2, Nefarious, US, 2000.
V/A. Pause 004, Noiselab, MX, 2002.
Doctor.Axel. Fascina
, Pueblo Nuevo, CL, 2010.
Bigote. Mapu
, Caballito, ES, 2011.
Niña. Malditos Cerdos Fascistas, Happy Fi, MX, 2013
V/A. Antojitos Mexicanos V.9, SocSub, MX, 2014.
DRXL. Latin Bass EP, Latin Bass Records, MX, 2014.
V/A. Pacific Indie Remixes V.2, Pacific Indie, Chile/Australia, 2014
V/A. Distant V.1, Metrik, Chile, 2015.