A brief history of mexican latin breaks mixed by JB Eindhoven from the Netherlands and featuring Wakal, IMS and various members of the Nortec Collective. ¡Enjoy!

Inspired by my Mexican break I'm (finally) bringing you a new Sunday Night Mix: Electro Méxicana!

Various Mexican artists have been experimenting with combining musical heritage with electronic sounds. Many of these artists united into the Nortec Collective, others, like the Mexican Institute Of Sound, went their own way. The result is a truly unique sound!

So forget about the US inspired Tex Mex food, guys with sombrero's sleeping under a cactus and slamming tequila with lime and salt. Within the synths and beats you'll find some real Mexican spirit: the country that is equally colorful as it is harsh, the people that are warm and hard working and their amazing culture.

Enjoy this little holiday!

Sunday Night Mixes, 2012: Part 37 - Electro Méxicana by Sounds By Jb on Mixcloud