2016 was another great year in the long history of our label and we are very proud of what we accomplished in the last twelve months. We released another excellent collection of deep tech-house tracks by Mexican producer Jorge Islas aka Bluevet: Pieces of Clay. Bluevet himslef spent the year spreading the good vibes and good beats throughout the country. We also had our first cassette release: the joint proyect of Jonathan Arellano (iJAP) and Axel Barceló (DRXL) of experimental improvisational pieces entirely played on the iPad. We also contributed to the joint release DATABASE ONE with other excellent Mexican independent labels like Abolipop and We Only Share.

Besides those releases, this year we had the first two sessions of CACERIA a new series of virtual concerts showcasing some of the most interesting musicians of the current electronic scene. In the first two sessions, we had as guests Nima Ikki and Turning Torso, Inda Schej, Kampion, Ishtarka, Asymmetric Idea, iJAP _ DRXL and Hombreojo Lego (DJ set) from Mexico, plus Gisle Frøysland and John Hegre from Norway, and Constanza Piña from Chile. Be sure to check the live video footage of those shows in case you missed them. We were also happy to collaborate in the organization of this year’s Trans-Piksel festival of Electronic Arts in Mexico City, the largest version of the Piksel festival series in the world so far.