Artist: Various Artist
Release Date: November 2001
Format: CD-R
In the electronic music universe exists different genres registered with the down tempo concept, that is to say slow rhythms, which are not exactly those held by the traditional dance-floor. These down tempo rhythms have generated a very particular influence on other music genres such as the jazz, bossanova, hip-hop, etc, and have managed in starting to be included in people’s taste like a single concept. This genre mixes have managed to settle down like new branches or sub-genres of the electronic music around the world. We have defined these fusions and their results as MÁXIMAS texturas.

File under: lounge



01. Hermetic Sound - Glacon Listen
02. Flux - Subway Flow Listen
03. Wakal & Bishop - Lost In Shadows (Anti-Lyrics Mix) Listen
04. Neztic - Who Dee Cial Listen
05. Wakal - Aspirina para un Homeless Listen
06. B-O.W. - El Aquelarre (La pensil Mix) Listen
07. Ruzeta - Ama-K-Ball-Sounds Listen
08. Zofa - Porter Listen
09. O.W. - Reverse Listen