Artist: Various Artist
Release Date: November 2002
Format: CD
This release makes reference to electronic music genres that have been developing within the sound experimentation as well as the technology application and the way of recreate, modulate, edit and broadcast the sound. Some well-known genres like House, Techno, Hip-Hop, D&B among others, have mixed with new concepts denominated as Clíck, Glitch, Bleep, etc. that have their origin in the digital mistake and their editing processes. These new hybrids have recreated around the world new ways of interpreting electronic music. For us in Mexico these ways of interpreting electronic music are defined as mínimas TEXTURAS.

File under: Idm
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01. Destreza - Discard Listen
02. Carrie - Mars Listen
03. Transistor - Le Arbol Listen
04. Daniel Lara - Cinema Paranoia Listen
05. REC - Rec-on-instructions Listen
06. Odavreser - Hotel Glamour Listen
07. Metaculto - Metamorfosis Listen
08. Pepo - Folias para un rave - part 2 y 3 Listen
09. Prozac Ensamble - Telephatics Listen