Members: Lena Ortega, Diana L. Moreno, Luis Tomita, Cesar Hernandez, Jonathan Layseca and Axel Barceló

Multi-instrumentalistimprovisation ensemble whose aim is to translate the gestures of nonhuman animals during hunting into musical rhythms and sound, from a perspective at the limits of anthropocentrism and anthropomorphism.

Project Members: Miguel Benjamín Martínez Cámara


Emerging from the 90s' rave scene in Mexico City and the trance scene from the kate nineties and early years of the new millennium, The Wal of Sound delivers exquisite house, techno and tech-house from his current base in Playa del Carmen. Resident DJ at Prodigio in Mexico City and Soma in Playa del Carmen. 








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Ofiuco (Forthcoming 

Other Releases

Crossfader (Independent, 2012) 

"Influenced by bands like Kraftwerk, Orbital, The Orb, FSOL and 808-State for few-mentioned, Mik-e started two years ago to put together his debut album - Crossfader-, which just put on sale in December 2012 through the site The inspiration to do it was the search for the basic structures of house and techno with their respective variants. "Explore and play with essentials" he says. "I did some things with breakbeat to include in another album in the future." For now only focused on manipulating and transforming fundamental concepts"

Cecilia Buentello - 

Project members: Luis Oscar Ramírez Solórzano aka CZG

Luis was born in Mexico City on June 19th 1982. Music lover since he was born, he started to show interest in how music was made at a very young age, leading him to be involved in musical and artistic activities throughout his whole childhood.
His love for music led him to obtain an Audio Engineering diploma and a Music Production and Technology Master’s Degree. He also studied Mathematics at Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM).

Luis started to experiment with music since 2000 inspired by the following musical genres: industrial, ambient, power electronics and noise, shortly after he created a project called transfer.error and started performing live at several venues in Mexico City.
He later on created another noise project called Barely Legal and after a couple of live performances he started to explore new ventures in music and thus in 2002 the music project called Monoploid is born. Monoploid’s objective was to fuse several music styles with electronic music.

With Monoploid Luis achieved great success, his songs were played in national radio and he performed live at many clubs, art galleries and museums in Mexico, Germany, India and USA. Monoploid joins Discos Konfort record label, and shortly after Luis become’s an integral part of Discos Konfort, not only providing music as Monoploid but also as label manager, producer and mixer.

In 2003 due to his insatiable appetite for music, he creates another music project called Dogs Blood Order focusing mainly in the drum n’ bass genre. He then started performing live and sharing stage with international class DJ’s such as Dara, Juju, Sub Focus, Shimon, Nortec and many more.
In 2004 he’s introduced to the realm of audio post production for film, tv and adverstising by collaborating with the renowned design studio XNOgrafikz.
This collaboration was also highly successful and led Luis to take the most important step in his career: he moved to the United States of America and founded his own audio production company called CZG International Productions.

Luis has done music, post production and sound design for the following brands: Telcel, Banamex, Whirlpool, AT&T, Western Union, Dr Pepper, Doritos, Motorola, MTV Latino América, Bimbo, McDonald’s, Gatorade and many more.

Nowadays, Luis is exploring the sound design for video games universe. collaborating with brands like Microsoft and Sega. Despite his busy schedule he is currently composing techno pop, electro, downtempo and minimal techno for his own pleasure under the moniker CZG. Under this moniker he performed at the Japan Music Week 2009 in Tokyo.

Ver todas las fotos | Dogs Blood Order

Project Members : Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano, Jose Luis Vasquez Ortega
The origin of Dogs Blood Order is unusual. Influenced by power electronics, rhythmic noise, apocalyptic folk and pop Skull and CZG decided to join ideas and started their music venture in 2002 under the moniker Monoploid. They explored IDM, glitch, abstract hip hop, experimental breaks and produced several tracks, shortly after they got signed by Discos Konfort. They became integral part of this label: being featured in many compilations, magazines, websites and performing in Mexico, USA and Germany. Throughout this performances both members developed a passion for breaks which led them to create Dogs Blood Order and embark into the Drum and Bass realm.

Besides music production, Dogs Blood Order has joined forces with Jungle Empire in event promotion, serving as ambassadors of Mexican Drum n Bass becoming an invaluable factor in the local scene's growth.Dogs Blood Order has shared stage with the most important electronic music figures in Mexico as well as many top world drum and bass DJ's and Producers, such as: DJ Dara, D-Bridge, Juju, Nu:Tone, Shimon and Sub Focus.

Recently, Ready Made Sound System and DJ Gross (Jungle Empire) started collaborating with Dogs Blood Order and they are currently under the development of several projects to evolve DBO's sound.

The current line up is:

CZG (Luis Ramírez) - Producer, Engineer and Composer
Skull (Jose Luis Vázquez) - Sequences and DJ
Ready Made Sound System (César Juárez) - Composer and Arranger
DJ Gross (Jacobo Arribas) - DJ and A&R


        V/A. Urbe Probeta, 2003


       V/A. Drum and Bass Sessions Vol. 2 , CD, Seven Records, MX, 2006.

Since its inception in 2001, Konfort Records has invested itself in promoting artists and producers in the electronic arts: experimental video, graphic design and electronic music in Mexico and around the world,  for that reason, here describes each of the actors, in 10 years have collaborated with Konfort Records.