Artist: The Incognito Traveller
Release Date:
Fall 2010
Format: Netrelease

The Incgnito Traveller's self-titled debut EP has already been dowloaded more than 48,000 times, and chosen among net labels greatest releases ever. The long-awaited debut album is finally here. An unexpectedly dark odyssey into the human psychee. Based on Milton Erickson’s “A Special Inquiry with Aldous Huxley into the Nature and Character of Various States of Consciousness” where author Aldous Huxley is guided into deep hypnosis. In such state, he describes meeting with his own self at different ages and revisiting his own stages of growth and intellectual development. Ravine translates this descent deep within the self into a series of musical soundscapes.

File under: Nu-Jazz, Experimental


01. Deep Reflection
02. In Distorted Time
03. Associations
04. Predicament
05. A Total Absence of Everything
06. Ravine
07. Vestibule
08. A Mere Subjective Experience
09. Contretemps
10. Dissociations