Artist: Wakal
Release Date
: February 2006
Format: Vynil

A “document for nationals living in the country, nationals living abroad and any other person living in any other place”. Remixes Paisano is a bridge between two things or two places, is music between countrymen and between friends, is the first and latest publication in Europe made by Jorge Govea Mtz Alias/ Wakal/ in vinyl format the next songs: “Terraza mantel remix” and “Orale” by Wakal, a Cristian Cárdenas’s remix (Plug / terraza mantel) and other in charge of Manrico Montero (Karras / el túnel).
Get pleasure from this selection, let the turntable spin and enjoy. Released by MK2 Music and Discograph (France) Discos Konfort and Filtro (Mexico).

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File under: Electronica


01. Terraza Mantel (Wakal Remix) Listen
02. Terraza Mantel (Plug Remix) Listen
03. Orale (Plug Remix) Listen
04. El Túnel (Karras Remix) Listen