Artist: MHV
Release Date
: Fall 2010
Format: Netrelease
MHV's debut album highlights the skills that have made of him one of the major players in the national electronic scene: fierce beats, esoteric sounds, sweet melodies, hooks, tricks, and a peculiar knack for surprising his listeners with unexpected turns and twists in his compositions and live performances. Miguel Herrra's pieces tend to pack more ideas in a single track than many musicians build a career on. Challenging but beautiful at the same time, Secret Hexagon is one of those albums that come only once in a generation. Prepare to be moved, to be surprised, to become a convert.

File under: IDM, Dubstep

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1. Alpha Helix Listen
2. 24 Listen
3. Mutilator Listen
4. 999 Listen
5. Tpssp Listen
6. Litddd Listen
7. Dslvr 7 Listen
8. Golden Polygon Listen
9. Secret Hexagon Listen
10. Cinco 5 Listen
11. Blssz Listen
12. 3333 Listen