Project Members: Ramses Ramirez, German Gonzales
Project born in March 2000 combining rhythms and electronic elements with acoustic and electric instruments like: guitars, bass, mandolin, charango and percussions and very melodic tribal voices. He achieved with this a mixture of colors, sounds and influences from acid jazz to ambient and from lounge to funk with a progressive rhythmic movement and a slice of house.


V/A. "Máximas Texturas 06", 2002
V/A. "Máximas Texturas 10" 2004,
V/A. "The Now Sound of Mexico" (Discos Konfort / King a Groove Records Canada 2004),
Sr. Mandril, (Discos Konfort / Noise Kontrol 2005),
Sr. Mandril.
Terragroove, (Intolerancia / Discos Konfort 2008)

Sr. Mandril.
Gemelo, (Intolerancia / Discos Konfort 2011)
Sr. MandrilCinema Mandril
, (Intolerancia / Discos Konfort 2013)

Sr. MandrilLa Especie del Ojo Funky
, (Intolerancia / Discos Konfort 2015)


V/A. "Mexico Sessions Vol. 1" (Bons Records 2003),
"Adán y Eva (todavía) Soundtrack" (Noise Kontrol 2005),   
"Antojitos Mexicanos Vol. 1" ( 2005), 
Sr. Mandril - "Lover" (Three Sixty Records 2007),
Sr. Mandril - "Brillo" (Three Sixty Records 2007),
"Music for moving images vol.2" (Three Sixty Records 2007),
"Intolerancia 2.2" (Intolerancia 2008)
"Juegos Inocentes Soundtrack" (Intolerancia 2009)
V/A. "Sound Trip Mexico" (Germany 2010)

"Music for moving images vol.3" (Three Sixty Records 2010)
V/A. "The Amazon Groove" (Ioda 2010)



(REPRESENTING MEXICO IN MONTREAL) "ROLLING STONE" (August 2006) "With an excellent mix of lounge and acid jazz, Sr. Mandril conquered the audience in both presentations at the 27th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival 2006...Ramsés Ramírez and Germán González captivated the audience with their music..."

(THIS IS THE SOUND OF MEXICO RIGTH NOW) "FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE JAZZ DE MONTREAL" (july 2006) "Sr. Mandril have a goal: merge electro elements with thoroughly live guitar, bass, keys and percussion. The payoff: a crossbreed of acid jazz, ambient, lounge, trip hop and house with latin rythm and flair. This is the sound of Mexico right now"

INTERNATIONAL OVERTUNES "LA TEMPESTAD" (june 2005) "... A happy incoherency between the wild name (Mr. Mandrill) and the ligth and clean sound of these duet. Without bigger instrumental postpodruction paraphernalia, this is a mexican chill out work with international overtunes".

"ROLLING STONE" (february 2005) "The national Lounge and Acid jazz have never been better represented until now with the appearing of this "Sr. Mandril" with two heads. Ramsés Ramíres and Germán González are the genius behind every sound of these, their first album..."

"MEXICO CITY'S SR. MANDRIL LIVES UP TO ITS DISTRICT'S NEW GLOBAL REPUTATION, it's no wonder Sr Mandril was a huge hit at Montreal's Jazz Fest in 2006-these guys thrive on improvisation. On any given track, one can expect to hear a new amalgam...” XLR8R MAG

"Uno de los más respetados ensambles de Nu-Jazz Mexicanos." Red Capicua/Anti-Ocio