Artist: Pesina Siller
Release Date
: Fall 2010
Format: Netrelease
Long awaited sophomore release from one of the artists at the forefront of the new wave of Mexican electronic music. After releasing a motley selection of original tracks and remixes (also under the "pepepe" moniker and accompanied by Los Amparito) on several compilations and labels, tapatio
musicsmith Carlos Pesina Siller finally delivers a full album of original material. The gorgeous collection of luscious compositions is well worth the wait. Sweet pastoral lullabies drowned in a sea of sound. Bubbling and cycling melodies wrapped up in blissful aural mosaics that are both enthralling and demanding on the listener. Challenging, like all experimental electronic music, yet mesmerizing like the best music period.

File under: Folktronica.

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1. Tres Listen
2. Mirazapatos Listen
3. N Is For Neville Who Died Of Ennui Listen
4. Lluvia Ácida Listen
5. Entona-Ritmos (Parte I) Listen
6. Entona-Ritmos (Parte II) Listen
7. Entona-Ritmos (Parte III) Listen