Artist: Sr Mandril
Release Date: June 2004
Format: CD
Sr. Mandril was born in March 2000 combining rhythms and electronic elements with acoustic and electric instruments like: guitars, bass, mandolin, charango and percussions and very melodic tribal voices. He achieved with this a mixture of colors, sounds and influences from acid jazz to ambient and from lounge to funk with a progressive rhythmic movement and a slice of house.

File under: AcidJazz, House, Down Tempo
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01. Reino de la Luna Listen
02. Lover
03. El otro Joe Listen
04. Brillo Listen
05. Las Maniobras de David Listen
06. Walking Man Listen
07. Ain_T Got Listen
08. Un Pass Listen
09. Sr. Mandril Listen
10. Lover (Flux Remix) Listen
11. Um Passo (Flux Remix) Listen


Mexico City's Sr. Mandril lives up to its district's new global reputation on this experimental effort. Fronted by Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez, this group's future-jazz sound bridges programmed and live instrumentation for a freeform output that never quite follows one steady sonic path. It's no wonder Sr. Mandril was such a huge hit at Montreal's Jazz Fest in 2006-these guys thrive on improvisation. On any given track, one can expect to hear a new amalgam-"El Otro Joe," for one, features elements of soulful house, Latin rock, and jazz. Because of Sr. Mandril's jam-band style, though, these tunes may be better enjoyed when played on the stage. 

Max Herman, XLR8R

Sr Mandrill have an intriguing blend of electronic (house, down-tempo, acid jazzishness) with live instrumentation and are apparently a great live act who blew up the Montreal Jazz fest last year.

Among the 10 best Latin CD's of 2005

Rolling Stone (México)

Esta banda es una de esas expresiones de talento inconmensurable de las que simplemente uno no entiende porqué no las encuentra abarrotando los aparadores de las tiendas de discos cuando llega ese deseo de apapachar al oído.

Amenazza (Corajes Gratuitos)

The debut album of Sr. Mandril shows talent not just on the interpretation and improvitation, but in the creative capacity and the perfect selection of instruments...they have an electronic world beat project worried to select efficiently their collaborators

DJ Concept