Artist: Various Artist
Release Date: August 2004
Format: CD
The album is a collection of artists from different regions in Mexico, from Ciudad Juárez, Texcoco, Ensenada and Tijuana till Mexico City. The artists have merged diverse disciplines both regional and personal so as to enrich and give personality to this record. Their culture and musical influence is captured in the musical content of The Now Sound of Mexico.
The record is a selection and a production made in Montreal, Canada by The Lounge King who traveled to Mexico in order to meet this new artist generation. He traveled with the task of editing a record with Mexican music so as to make it widely known out of the country.

File under: Mexican Electronica
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01. Playita - Instrumental
02. Hermetic Sound - Glacon Listen
03. Flux - Going Dow Listen
04. Bendhe - Naranja
05. Ready Made Sound System - Brazlilian Ways Listen
06. Ligne6 - Temps Listen
07. Confort SuperSonico - In The Forest
08. Androide - Eva Listen
09. Fase - El Tren
10. Sr. Mandri - La Forme de la Guitarre Listen
11. Urban Vareko - Fair Lady Listen
12. Androide - Desden no 5 Listen
13. Flux & Vega - Believing Listen
14. Terrestre - No Hay Volver
15. Wakal  - Señoras House Listen

16. Mauricio Svanstrom: El Aplauso
17. Radar - Ciudad Puente Listen



A super-smooth blend of downtempo cool that hits its stride halfway through - and not an "ay-yi-yi" in earshot.

Rupert Bottenberg (Montreal Mirror)

Winners of the Best compilation of 2004 on Festival Quartz Electroniques in France, the artists from discos Konfort together with THE LOUNGE KING (Mix 96 Canada - and Ibero radio 90.9 Fm Mexico) bring to us another face of Mexico: Its new sound. Mexico has a history full of color, music and magic and is usually associated with Mariachis, sombreros, cactus, and tequila. Yet, a new generation of innovative Mexican artists is changing the face of music associated with Mexico. An example of the creative energy coming from Mexico is this exquisite selection representing the New Sound that comes from this one-of-a-kind country. Viva Mexico!